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Welcome to the 20th March Madness Pool!!

Keep visiting us here for updates - pool standings will be posted on the site here, as well as other pool updates as the tourney progresses.

Standings are updated after the Final Four games on Saturday.

Jordan Baharis remains in first place after nailing the championship matchup of Michigan vs. Villanova, and is guaranteed to finish at least in the top 5. Ed Harkins jumped into 2nd place as one of 5 entrants altogether (along with Matt Ashton, Tony Amadori, and Nicholas Rizzi) to hit the Michigan/Villanova final matchup. Here are the remaining scenarios:

The payouts for this year's Top 5 will be 700-275-100-60-25.

Here are the First Four picks from earlier this week and results from those games - First Four Results


Check out the History page with some interesting facts about the pool's 19-year history including potential pool-winning scenarios for every year dating back to March Madness Pool I in 1999.

Please contact Mike or Chris with any thoughts or suggestions you have to make the pool even better.

For more information regarding the scoring system used for each round, please refer to the Rules page.

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